Vegetarian Bodybuilder

Vegetarian Bodybuilder was born out of the need to show the world that vegetarians and vegans are not all skinny hippies. Yes, I know it may seem odd to comprehend, but you can build an amazing body through a vegetarian and vegan diet.

Most bodybuilders today are brainwashed with “I must eat meat” to build muscle or perform as an elite athlete. That simply isn’t true and we are here to show you there is another way. In fact we’re here to show you that we can make you as healthy on the inside as a bodybuilder looks on the outside. If you’re new to bodybuilding don’t be fooled by the beautiful exterior on display from numerous magazines or bodybuilding shows, yes, that is the ultimate aim of a bodybuilder but let’s not forget that there are healthier ways of achieving it.

High meat consumption often includes high saturated fat, in turn that means clogged arteries and a lack of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. Most people will tell you that becoming vegetarian or vegan won’t enable you to get enough protein, or that you’ll lack sufficient iron. These are all things to be taken into consideration and the path may be difficult, but The Vegetarian Bodybuilder is here to guide you. Remember, if the path was easy everyone would look like those cover models.

The last and for me the real reason why I became vegetarian in the first place is simple. I love animals, It’s taken me a long time to wake up to the horrors that we subject animals to on a daily basis and in this day and age we have a choice. Numerous documentaries such as Food Inc, Vegecated and Earthlings to name a few have really opened my eyes and I encourage you to watch them.