Patrik Baboumian – the Vegan strongman lifts a new record 550kg – Video


Patrik Baboumian, the German strongman competitor, continues to prove the doubters wrong who say meat is essential for strength and muscle growth.

The 34 year old, carried a yoke loaded with over 550kgs a distance of 10 metres, at the Vegetarian Food Festival in Toronto. According to the organisers it’s the heaviest lift to date and will go down as a new world record.

We caught up with Patrik at the recent VegFest event at Olympia in London. Patrik was proud that big media organisations were now not just referring to him as a strongman, but as a Vegan strongman helping to further push the message and encourage bodybuilders to explore vegetarian and vegan diets.

Patrik went onto explain how the lift itself wasn’t the most sensible idea show us some of the still visible scars on his shoulders. Patrik explained that the PR received off the back of the lift was well worth the pain.

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