Six Bodybuilding Products & Gadgets To Achieve Your Goals


The bodybuilding and fitness landscape has changed massively in the last ten years, the equipment, nutrition and access to education has moved on leaps and bounds. Below is a list of some of the things that could aid your workout or track your progress in reaching your bodybuilding goals without breaking the bank.


1. JayBird Bluetooth Headset

Wireless headset for exercise

Nothing motivates me more than my own music, but nothing irritates me more than knocking my earphones out while I’m running, lifting or rowing. Simple solution – the JayBird Bluetooth headset. It’s designed primarily for running and has a tight fitting band to avoid them falling off during exercise. It has a quick sync option, allows for volume and track control without even touching your phone or MP3 player. It also comes with a sweat proof guarantee!

Price £89.95

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2. Kenwood Go Smoothie Maker

Kenwood Smoothie Maker 2Go

Simple easy smoothies on the go or just adding ice to your protein shake to give it that refreshing cool sensation. As a vegetarian, I find one of the easiest ways to ensure I’m getting my nutrients is to have a daily super smoothie. The Kenwood Go enables this with minimal fuss, making it easy to incorporate it into my day. It comes with two containers along with leak proof tops.

Price £23.00

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3. Smart Shaker – Protein Shaker

Smart Protein Shaker multi compartment

Tired of having a bag rattling with multiple protein shakers and/or tablet holders for your creatine and multi-vitamins. Make life a little easier by having less to wash up and contained in a smaller space. I’ve actually found this helps to serve as a reminder to take my vitamins, BCAAs or creatine as well as my protein.

Price: £8.27

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4. Six pack meal container

Bodybuilding multi meal bag container

The six pack meal container is great for keeping you meal plan structured. It’s slot in ice packs ensure your meals are kept cool all day making this great for those who don’t have access to fridges at work. Like the SmartShaker it serves as a great reminder to prepare your day, 90% of bodybuilders fail due to poor preparation. Arm yourself with this product to ensure you don’t fall into that category.

Price: £64.99

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5. Liquid Chalk

Liquid Chalk - Bodybuilding product

For some of us there comes a time when your lifting may be hampered by more than just your muscles. We all know the importance of a good grip, but if you find your self losing grip with movements such as a deadlift or shrugs then liquid chalf is a god send. No mess and any sweat or moisture is removed from the equation.

Price: £7.89

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6. Ice bag with strap

ice-bag-velcro-strapOkay, I know you’re probably thinking to yourself, that’s not a gadget! Well, yes, you’re right, it’s not. But I couldn’t create a list of bodybuilding aids without including this one. If you’re even slightly injury prone or have nagging joints you should own this product. Treating injuries with 20mins of Ice and compression each day can massively reduce your recovery time and as any bodybuilder will tell you, there is nothing more frustrating that not being able to get into the gym.

Price £13.45

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